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I proceeded with my adventure down to the highest point of Gravesend Escorts thigh and kissed along the edge of her pussy lips, down her thigh to her knee. I could now observe her pussy and proceeded down to her foot, kissing along the top to Gravesend Escorts toes. I then bowed before her and raised her leg to suck her toes. While kissing Gravesend Escorts toes and foot I raised her other leg and held her feet together, legs twisted and totally open. As I kissed and sucked both feet and toes I had a wonderful perspective of her uncovered cunt. 
Her pussy lips were somewhat swollen with energy and opened and shut as I moved her legs. Her clitoral hood was very particular and sat along the highest point of her pussy with the tip of Gravesend Escorts smaller than expected cock simply appearing over her opening. Her lips were smooth and wet with fervor with some of her liquids wetting the hair around them before streaming down to her arse break and onto the sheet. 
My cock had now extended with this visual erotica and I started to kiss down the back of her other leg, licking the back of Gravesend Escorts knee and down her thigh. Escorts Gravesend was currently squirming in pleasure and imploring me to kiss her pussy. I contacted her hot, wet lips and delicately blew on them which made her shout in delight and lift her pussy to my prodding lips. 
As yet groaning Escorts Gravesend let her body lay back on the quaint little inn gradually slid my fingers down each side of her pussy, just along the wrinkle on the edge of her thigh. One finger then proceeded to the moist range between her arse and pussy before orbiting and simply entering her arsehole. This made another fit and Escorts Gravesend groaned.

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