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Bubbly escort services

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Bubbly escort services
The curvy blonde with big breasts was in the tub. Hot water with bubbles was all around her. She lay down. She was looking for relax. Then she heard a slight knock on the door. It was her client. She was in his apartment. He wanted to join her and have a bath. But she knew, that it was not all what he was looking for.
She smiled and closed her eyes again. He was a real gentleman and she liked spending time with him. She felt as he climbed into the tub. He stretched her legs and toucher her clitoris. She started jerking his cock back and forth. He felt really great and also relaxed. She could do everything with him.
The escort was massaging his hard cock. He was fondling her large breasts, trying to harden her nipples. They were really appetizing. His sexy blonde was in pleasure. She took a deeper breath and gave him a wonderful fellatio. The hot water and her tongue were really soothing and she was doing it with enthusiasm. 
He didn’t want to be passive, so he took caressed her body. He wanted to offer her the best of pleasure, though he knew she was an escort. She was so beautiful and so talented she could not stop looking at her. He has been with her regularly for several months and has never found a better escort.
When they were playing in the tub and the atmosphere was getting hotter. They decided to change their position and start something new. She stood on the edge of the tub and showed him her gorgeous buttocks. They were wet and in the light, they looked like oiled. He touched them. They were soft but firm, the way he liked. He started massaging her, and she giggled because she enjoyed it. He was prepared for the further part of this erotic game.
His hard penis was pointing at her wet pussy. He made one move and he was in inside her. She let out a long moan of pleasure. He then began to move back and forth. At first, he did it slowly, but then he began to move faster with his hips. She was delighted and told him not to stop. He still kept the rhythm. However, he decided to change position to another. He sat down on the edge of the tub and gave her a smile. She again went through her delightful fellatio in which she was a champion. She knew how to give a man a wonderful experience. Her head moved up and down as he was feeling more and more excited.
He then decided to try another position. She sat down on his hard cock and started riding like a professional cowgirl. At first, she was facing him, so he could see her gorgeous breasts. They were round and firm. They jumped in front of him. He touched them with his hands and sucked on her nipples. Then she changed her position and turned back to him. He could see her gorgeous ass. She leaned forward to give him an even better view. He could not take his eyes off her. Her skills were unmatched.
He felt that her would end soon. Her wonderful movements made him feel like he was enjoying himself more than ever. He told her to prepare for the end of their exciting ride. She sat down in front of him and took his penis in her hot lips. She began to move at the same time with her hand and mouth, giving him even more pleasure. He quickly finished in her mouth. She slowed down and licked all the sperm and smiled at him. 
Their breaths were accelerated. They settled again in a tub full of warm water. He was completely satisfied with what she offered him. He closed his eyes and he really wanted to sleep. He thanked his escort and kissed her. She was also pleased. She left his apartment but came back the week later for more fun.

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