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DUO Escort adventure

DUO Escort adventure girl photo
DUO Escort adventure
I always dreamed of meeting two girls at the same time and spending a night with them. I decided to fulfil my dream when I was in London. I knew it was a place where many great escort agencies are available. I did not want to wait any longer to fulfil my dreams, so I chose the best agency and phoned to make an appointment for the DUO escort service. I must say that it was really extraordinary and I will certainly repeat this adventure again! If you want to know more, I will start from the beginning...
I chose two beautiful girls from the portfolio of the escort agency. I found two babes that were advertised as DUO Escorts in London, so I thought I would choose these two stars. Together they were very appetizing. One was a petite blonde, the other a brunette with big breasts. Together they offered a number of interesting services, so I must say that I was intrigued and anxiously waiting for this meeting.
Our date was booked two days later. Earlier these two wonderful escorts had no free time. I suspect it's because of the great interest in their superb services. They had very good reviews, so I was curious what they could offer me. Our meeting took place in their apartment. They greeted me on the doorstep and invited me inside. They were very sexy and beautiful - exactly like the pictures, and maybe even more beautiful. They only wore short dresses, emphasizing their mouth-watering curves.
I made an appointment for only an hour, so we had to act quickly. They knew what a man like me needed. They had a lot of experience and I must say that I was delighted with what they could do. We started with a shower. They came in with me to the shower and we washed our bodies. The fluffy foam and water were glistening on their hot breasts and buttocks. One of them massaged my back and my other torso. Then they both took hold of my cock - it became instantly hard. It was a sign that we could move on to the next part of our meeting.
These two sexy escorts invited me to my bedroom. Large bed was waiting for their customers. They continued their wonderful massage which made me feel really great. My cock was very hard and I wanted more. One of the girls sat down on it and began to move rhythmically up and down. The second one knelt next to me and I could touch her breast and wet pussy. Then they changed their roles. I have to say that both were really great in what they did. Their skills were amazing and they knew what to do to ensure a man's total satisfaction.
Then they offered me a fun ride. One lay on the edge of the bed, while the other lay on her. Both put out their sexy buttocks in my direction. Now I could choose the pussy I want to fuck. I changed the holes, and they groaned with every thrust. Then one of them turned around and instead of her pussy I could try her hot lips. This experience made me feel like in heaven.
I felt I was coming soon. My two great friends also saw it, so they started to perform their erotic moves even faster. Shortly after, I flooded them with my semen. I felt an overwhelming pleasure all over my body when I saw that these two wonderful escorts greedily lick my sperm.
I have to say it was a great experience - meeting with two escorts is something that every man should try. If you have never tried it before, it is a good idea to opt for such a double appointment because the experience is amazing. I will definitely use it one more time with the DUO escorts! You just have to choose and agency and book your meeting - your dreams can come true just like mine!

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