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His first time with an escort

His first time with an escort girl photo
This was his first time using escort services. Although he had been searching for a long time for a girl to spend his time with, he had no luck at all. That's why he thought about escorts. Although he knew he could wait even longer, he did not really want to delay his dream come true. His fantasies were to be fulfilled just today.
The theme of escort services was new to him. Although he had seen men using escort services on films, he did not know how things would go in reality. This is why he was scared and annoyed, but he was also excited to be able to fulfil his dream. He did not have any recommended escort service, so he decided to find an agency through the internet. There were a lot of them. He chose one that attracted his attention and had many sexy girls. He did not have much money to spend, so he rejected luxury agencies where prices are very high.
He looked at photos of girls on the website. There were really a lot of them. He liked the majority of the escorts. He had difficulty choosing the right one, but finally decided on a gorgeous brunette with big breasts. He thought she would be the best companion for the first time. Her services were also inviting. She had good opinions. He picked up his phone and called the agency. He agreed to meet with his chosen girlfriend. "It's not that hard," he thought.
His date took place the next day. He was all nervous and excited at the same time. He did not know what to expect, but he also did not want to ask others about their experience. It was supposed to be an intimate and discreet encounter, about which no one else should know. He came to the place earlier because he did not want to be late. They had the date in her apartment, which was in a fashionable district. He called and she opened the door.
His sexy brunette was as beautiful as the photos. At first, he did not know what to do when he saw her. She gave him a wonderful smile and invited him in. The apartment was modern and very cosy. I guess she noticed it was his first time because she decided to direct him to the bathroom. There he could take a shower and get ready for the next part of their amazing meeting.
She decided to give him some relax and make a soothing massage for him. Her hands were on his back. He closed his eyes and felt very comfortable. He was tranquil and felt that he was no longer nervous. At the same time, he felt that he would be ready for further naughty frolics. She told him to turn the other way and then she saw it. She took his penis in her hand and started rhythmically moving it up and down. In a moment her hot lips joined her hands. She enveloped his penis and began to gently move her tongue. He felt great.
Then she took off her sexy lace underwear. He could see her round breasts and delicious buttocks that were very appetizing. He touched her body and felt even more excited. She sat down on his hard cock and started her erotic dance. He felt a great pleasure. Her pussy was tight and hot. It was a completely new experience for him. But he did not want to end this meeting quickly. She also noticed that, so she slowed down. Her movements became unhurried and delicate, and he felt that it was not yet finished.
Then she decided to present him another position - this time doggy style. It was a great experience for him, because he could go deep inside and see her gorgeous butt at the same time. He knew he might come soon. He did it and felt an overwhelming pleasure. It was a unique meeting - it was all he needed from her.