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I will remember this client for a long time

I will remember this client for a long time girl photo
I have been working as an escort for a long time, but there are still many customers who are coming to me and who can make surprised. One such customer was the tall blonde man who visited me last week. It was a great meeting that will definitely stay in my memory for a long time. Want to know how our meeting ended? Check out my story about this extraordinary customer.
During the day I usually have a few clients, but sometimes there are more. This time there was not much traffic. The client I'm talking about has arranged an evening meeting. He arrived on time. When I opened the door, I saw a very handsome, but also quite eccentric man. He was wearing a long black hooded coat. His long hair perfectly emphasized the symmetrical features of his face. I have to say that not all the customers I meet are handsome. This time, however, I was enchanted and could not wait to see how our meeting would go on.
The new customer made an appointment for only an hour, so I knew that all the pleasures would not last long, but I was still excited. I smiled delightfully and invited him inside. Swaying my hips, I entered the apartment. I saw him looking at my ass. I invited him to the bathroom. I corrected my underwear and laid down on the bed, trying to look inviting. My client came out of the bathroom. He had a sexy body. 
My new handsome customer wanted to try different things with me, so I immediately started my show. I began with the massage of his magnificent body - my hands were moving on his muscled back, then I asked him to turn around and I began to slowly descend. I took off the towel and saw his intimate parts. He could boast of size. I took it in my hands and started rhythmically moving them up and down. I felt that he was really hard and ready for further play. I did not make him wait long. I sat on his hard penis and started my ecstatic dance. I was completely satisfied with what I could give him. I knew that he would be pleased.
But he did the next step. He grabbed my hips and laid me down on the bed. He took the initiative and was great at it. I felt special and wanted more. Many of my clients are quite passive and he was just such an unusual variation in my work. We have tried many things this evening. He was focused not only on his satisfaction, but also on my own. This made the experience with this client very intense and I will certainly remember him for a long time. The ending was fantastic. He began to move faster and simultaneously touch my whole body. I wanted to give him more pleasure so scratched him in the back and teased his nipples. His breathing became heavier. I knew that it was about to end, so I redoubled my efforts to make it a great end. At the same time, I knew that I would come in a moment. We finished this crazy erotic dance together and fell on a bed exhausted. I was amazed with our date - he was really a great lover and he knew how to please a woman. He was really handsome and I loved to watch his face during the whole time. That made my experience even better!
Our meeting took only a while, but I have to say that he gave me really great excitement and exceptional pleasure. Our bodies were perfectly synchronized and I must say he was a great lover. This caused me to wonder why he actually used the escort service. However, I do not need to know the answer. Unfortunately, so far, this customer has not visited me again but I hope that someday he will use my services again. I would love to know him more and have another intimate date with him…

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