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London is a great place to visit

London is a great place to visit girl photo
London is a great place to visit, not only for its numerous landmarks, culture and disgusting food, there is one thing apart from football that is distinctly associated with this European capital- it’s the pubs. When I think about England I think about the old times, when it took a 2-week trip from the countryside to reach Londinium and staying at an inn was a must, dirty rooms and cheap beer is what I imagined those smelled like. It’s not that much different nowadays, pubs in London oftentimes have rooms for drunk guests to stay in, it’s the perfect option for the alcoholic tourists from all over the world. Read on!
Situated in north Greenwich, London the Pilot is within a 10-minute walks distance from O2 Arena and makes an awesome base if you’re setting out for a concert or a sports event at this huge event centre. The Pilot is a well-known pub with beds upstairs offered to troubled vagabonds and drunkards alike. This area was inhabited by coal industry workers in the mid-1800s, the architecture is the usual Georgian stuff you see all over London. The pub portion of this lovely establishment serves delicious beer and classic London cuisine, meat pies, fry up’s that you can watch being prepared in an open kitchen. Thankfully the craft beer bullshit hasn’t reached this lovely establishment yet. There’s also a cute garden to enjoy your brew in, with a cozy rooftop patio for a better look at the surrounding area. The rooms upstairs have classy interiors and a feel like they haven’t changed for the past 300 years, lovely experience. You can literally just take a cab from Heathrow, or fuck it, just Uber it. 
The Half Moon Pub is an iconic den of alcoholics from all over London, back in the day often visited by celebrities such a Bowie, Bono, Tom Waits and many others junkies and artistic bums. It recently reopened after a huge remake caused by flood which destroyed most of the pubs interiors. The pub itself dates back to 1896. The old look with painted mirrors, wooden boards and windows is gone and they went with a contemporary kitchen style, which works pretty well in this case. It’s still a pub, you can have a few beers and laugh your arse off. What makes the Half Moon Pub stand out amongst other pubs- are fire pits located on the first floor, where the restaurant is located after the makeover, they conjure a cozy and warm atmosphere, perfect for a meal with a couple of friends. Rooms that you can stay in with your alcoholic family are located upstairs and are named after famous astronauts, for some reason, they’re all pretty high class with coffee machines and actually nice bathrooms, pity it will all smell like vomit when you check out.

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