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London is a huge destination

London is a huge destination girl photo
London is a huge destination for tourists, but in this day and age- buying a trip at a tourist agency is for total suckers. Not only it’s way overpriced, limited to certain areas and activities, dates and attractions, but oftentimes tied up to traveling with a bunch of annoying people, instead of taking it in in your own pace. That’s why people choose to plan their own trips, be it a short city break, longer trip or even moving somewhere else completely. Traveling is all about the experiencing the other place and culture and freedom, so why leave it all of it someone else’s hands? 
About two decades ago, when I was but a child, I used to travel the world in groups, tours organized by a local community centre. It was a complete, fucking nightmare. Spending two days in a coach, traveling day and night from Poland to Italy was disastrous. Thirty other kids in one bus, no toilet, no air conditioning, you were lucky if you could manage to adjust your goddamn seat, making at least a short nap possible. I suffered from a not-so-mild food poisoning, so the coach kind of smelled like puke as well, never listen to people who tell you that salami doesn’t go bad. 
Back in the day everyone traveled like that, why? BECAUSE WE DIDN’T KNOW ANY BETTER! It’s 2017 now, you can arrange every single thing without even lifting your ass from couch, if you got double screens you can literally plan your vacations while watching porn, who would’ve thought, right? Need to book a flight? There are countless portals that pick the best route and even the cheapest price out there. Need a place to stay? There’s AirBnB a p2p service for travelers, offering apartments in all price ranges, from cheapest and plain to super expensive and extravagant. In case you don’t trust random people on the internet, which is understandable- there’s always that will pick a perfect hotel, just for you. Places to see, food to eat? There are fucking apps for that now, you install one on your smartphone and it literally uses GPS to direct you towards you target, step by step. Traveling has never been easier and frankly- any cheaper. 
Some websites even combine features like a flight browser with booking a room and renting a car, all on the same receipt, it all takes five minutes, you decide where you want to go and you basically click it all out, all you need is a credit card. I get wanderlust from time to time, I guess it comes in a package with being a Sagittarius and I come across wondrous things on the internet, which is the most amazing tool for travelers since the invention of a fucking BACKPACK. Really cool spots like a houseboat in the middle of Paris, a treehouse in Texas, I even looked a house made in a remade silo up, everything on AirBnb, who would’ve imagined that you could visit and actually live in places like that? I bet that in a couple of years you’ll be able to spend a night inside one of the carts on the London Eye, unless you already can, don’t know, never tried it. A few years ago, it was out of question, a few years ago we had crowded coaches with floors covered in puke and seats that made you scream in pain because you’d get cramped every half an hour. As a matter of fact- why do people still travel by those? Planes are so much cheaper and so much more convenient.
This whole movement of global freedom of travel, or even living anywhere you like is nothing short of revolutionary. People from all over the world are doing their best to quit their shitty, corporate jobs and move to places they always wanted to live in, you name it: Caribbean, Mexico, or Thailand which is one of the most popular spots for people that call themselves Digital Nomads. Why Thailand? It’s so cheap! You can live like a king for less than 600$ a month, including a house literally on the beach, access to WiFi and all the necessities like running water and…well WiFi! I personally know a guy that quit his well-paying job at Sony, packed his shit up and moved there, he spends his days working remotely on his laptop, learning fucking Muai-Thai and hydrating with coconut water after nights of heavy drinking. Other guy lives in a luxury apartment on Fuerteventura trading on Forex for a few hours a week. What a time to be alive.

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