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Many types of pubs in London

Many types of pubs in London girl photo
There are many types of pubs in London and it can all get slightly confusing for a newcomer/outsider/tourist, so let me introduce you to a few types of pubs and let you decide whether you would like to check them out or not, it might save you from an uncomfortable situation, or pissing the locals off to the point they actually kick your ass. 
The City Pub - Pubs in downtown areas draw in individuals who work close by. At key times of the day - lunch, directly after work - those’ll be exceptionally swarmed with gatherings of workmates loosening up from their hard day of work or getting together after work. Loud and clamoring, those are places where friends go to drink and have a hearty meal. Contingent on where they will be, they may close when the remainder of the workplace laborers head home, or remain open for the evening, hosting sports events and karaoke nights. 
The so called “Theme Bars” are a subspecies of City Pubs, found outside of urban areas and bigger towns. Goth bars, jazz bars, comic drama bars, milkshakes, would all be most likely listed online on the particular towns website. Whatever floats your boat, whatever tickles your jimmies you should be able to find something of interest. 
The Country Pub - The "old as fuck bar" that shines in every one of those visitor pictures truly exists. And what it looks like from the outside, rarely matches the insides, like your girlfriends Facebook profile. Guests searching for the warm sparkle of firelight, and the comforts of the seventieth century interiors could be disillusioned by the nearness of a one-equipped crook and a microwave menu of bundled burgers and orange fish sticks and french fries. 
Country Pubs come in all assortments, however guests will in all likelihood warm to what I jokingly tend to call destination pubs, the kind of bars individuals will venture out for miles to visit on account of trying a particular dish, or having a beer at a specific patio that they’ve seen on Pinterest. Those are the sort of celebrity places that you see in the movies and just feel like you need to visit one day. 
The Local Pubs - as the name suggests- Local Pubs are for the locals, crowded with the locals that rarely tolerate outsiders. Frequently they aren't the most inviting of spots. As a guest, don't expect a well-disposed welcome, unless you've came with a friend that lives nearby. What's more, and still, at the end of the day, everybody will be surveying you to check whether you merit their consideration. How might you tell in the event that you've bumbled into a fat, drunk guy with a mug in his hand? On the off chance that discussion stops and everybody looks you over before swinging back to their savors, you're alright. 
The Freehouse - Nowadays most bars are focused on craft beers, including a stand-alone brewery system inside the pub, or at the back of it, or at the very least close by, either way they serve brews exclusive to their pub, you won’t find such in any other one. Freehouses are autonomous bars that can serve whatever brews and beverages the landowner and the clients enjoy drinking. In spite of the fact that they are rare, freehouses can be found. There’s an online guide about good craft beers on the internet, just google it, it’s worth checking out if you’re into that sort of stuff.
The last and actually the least interesting- are the chain pubs, you know, like Jeff’s and that kind, that serve generic food, generic beer, everything for the masses. Everyone can buy a license to open one of those, if they’re so inclined, but why would anyone do that. Chain pubs are devoid of any soul, they’re all the same shitty, mainstream pubs no matter which one you pick. I’d personally stay away from those, locals stay away from those, anyone with any sense of adventure stays away from those. The only reason that comes to mind, the only reason to go to a pub like this- is if you’re with your family, your kids are underaged and you don’t like swearing, you don’t like having fun, or you don’t like life. It’s like going to Starbucks, same shit, different day.

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