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My first escort meeting with a client

My first escort meeting with a client girl photo
My first escort meeting with a client
I was a young girl who recently moved to London. I started my career in the escort industry quite quickly. I met one man who offered to help me earn money. I could not find a job then, so I agreed to his offer. Today, after several years of work, I still perfectly remember my first meeting with the first client. Now I recall it with a smile and sentiment, but then I was really stressed.
My first client was a man older than me. I must say, however, that he was very forgiving and I think he knew that I did not have much experience. As a new Escort in London I was not very good yet, but I wanted to do my best to offer my clients a very high level of service. I was determined and did not want to fail.
The first client I met came to my apartment, which I received at my disposal. It was a small but cosy flat, but at first I did not feel very comfortable in it. Everything seemed new and strange to me, I was not used to what I was supposed to do.
When he knocked on my door, I almost panicked. I did not know what to do, but earlier I talked to other girls who were instructing me what to do. I was wearing a dress and sexy underwear. I adjusted my clothes and went to open the door for him. When I saw him, I was very nervous. I thought to escape, but I invited him in and smiled.
The client ordered only an hour meeting, during which we did not wanted to get any special things - after all, my range of services was quite basic then. I started to talk to him, he was quite talkative too. He told me that he was in London only for a few days and that he rarely meets with escorts, but today he felt like booking a meeting.
I invited him to the bathroom, where he could wash himself. I was waiting for him in bed, very troubled. When he came back, I invited him to bed and decided that I would do a small striptease for him. I've always been good at it and liked it, so I thought it would allow me and my client to relax a bit. I started to move my hips and slowly remove my dress. Suddenly, he took my hand and pulled me. I sat on his lap and he began to touch me. At the beginning I was paralyzed, but then quickly gave in to his touch. I also started to touch him. He was prepared for further games.
He took off my clothes and I undressed him too. At the beginning, he took the initiative and tried the classic, missionary position, but then, when it started to be hotter, I started to feel more confident and then I also showed him what I can do. I tried to be very sexy, passionate at the same time, but I know that he could feel that I still do not have full experience as an Escort London.
He finished when I was on top of him. Then I did not know for a moment what to do. Should I thank him? Or maybe I should go to the bathroom? I lay down beside him, exhausted. Then he said that I really was very good. I asked him if he really thought so. He said that maybe I still do not have enough experience, but he would surely meet me again.
Now that I recall this first meeting, I feel that I could do a lot of things differently. However, in fact, his nice words caused that I gained more confidence and later working as a London Escort Girl was much easier for me. I have never met this client again, so he did not fulfil his promise that he would come to me again. However, I must say that I do not know if I would be able to meet him. After my first date with him, I was very stressed and a bit embarrassed.
Currently, as a more experienced Escort in London, I approach my work a little differently. I am more relaxed and comfortable, so I do not feel as stressed as during this first meeting. I also offer my clients a much wider range of services. I have collected many positive reviews from them.
If you want to meet me, look for me in the gallery on this website - I am a blonde with big breasts. Book a date with me to find out what I can offer you. I assure you that you will not forget my touch. I want each of my clients to be completely satisfied, that's why I will give you exactly what you need. You only need to make one phone call to meet me today!

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