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My Lovely Escort

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I recently broke up with my girlfriend and needed something to make myself feel better. That's why I thought about using escort services. London is a city of great fun, so I chose escort services to fulfil my dreams and fantasies. I did not have to wait long to find pleasure for myself – it was completely at hand. I just had to call to make an appointment! I chose a charming blonde who offered various interesting services.

I just wanted a classic meeting, but I was open to other suggestions. As it turned out, my companion provided me with many wonderful pleasures that I never received before. I had a meeting with her at the hotel because I wanted to be discreet. The hotel was located outside of central London, away from my home. I went there after work. I was there first and my girlfriend had arrived in a while. She knocked quietly to the door. I opened it. She was a charming and sexy blonde who was wearing a tight dress. I saw her big breasts, which looked great and I immediately felt like touching them. I invited her to the room and then showed her where the bathroom was.

I took a shower earlier. She entered the bathroom for a moment. At that time, I lay down on the bed and waited for her. She left the bathroom in her underwear. She was wearing a red lace set. She had high heeled shoes, also in red. She smiled at me. I was enchanted by what she looked like. I wanted to take off all her clothes immediately, but I refrained from doing so. She approached me and stood before me. She pushed me gently on the bed. I lay down and she was over me. She began to touch my chest, then lowered her hand to stroke my cock. It started to be hard when she pushed it and massaged it gently. I took off my shirt and she helped me take off my pants. My cock was very hard and she released it from the boxer shorts. She began to move her hand up and down, and then started her wonderful fellatio. She had a really deep throat. Her head moved in front of me up and down.

At the same time, I touched her breasts and pussy – I felt she was wet through her panties. She got up and then she made me a little striptease. In a sensual way she took off her panties and bra, revealing her curves in front of me. She looked really delightful. Her movements were very attractive and sexy. I took her in her arms and laid her on the bed. Then she spread her legs and I could see her wet pussy. I went into her with my hard cock. She closed her eyes and screamed, causing me to feel even more excited. Then she changed position and tried doggy-style. Later she sat down on my dick. We changed positions very often in search of the best, but they were all equally great. I felt I could finish soon. I told her about it and she started her fellatio again. I quickly came, gushing in her mouth. She gave me a grin of satisfaction, and she smiled licking her lips. I was exhausted but very happy.

I like this is the kind of pleasure most. We were resting for a while on the bed. Later on, she stood up and started dressing her sexy body. I was still looking at her. She was really a great escort babe and I was satisfied. This wonderful girl was a very good escort and I must say she really knew how to guarantee her man the best service. Her skills were exceptional and she offered me great adventures. This lovely blonde did not charge a high fee for her wonderful service. Even today I remember her exceptional movements and hot lips. I'm thinking about making an appointment with her again. It will definitely be a great meeting – she is unique!

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