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Much has been said about Escorts in London and their exclusive services for exclusive clients, there is a certain circle within the London Escorts organization that is said to bestow a special service known as “Gift of Submission” to special clients, as you probably realized- we’re talking about a tiny bit of dominance and submission play. For many, especially our newer Escorts in London clients, those services are held off to, since we only offer them to customers that we’ve known for a long time, our precious regulars.
Our special services work on a specific basis, there’s the dominating London Escorts/client and the dominated one, simple as that but the relationship during those sessions is something truly special, and frankly- not for everyone, but it can provide a great deal of unwinding for certain London Escorts customers, such as they’ve never ever thought about before.
One side willingly submits to the other and that is something that not everyone is okay with, but when a client surpasses that one barrier, magic can happen. Let me say this straight: it’s all safe and sound, you and your Escorts in London figure out a safe word, so when the “submission” is no longer bearable the London Escorts stops at just the right moment.
It is up to the client to fully submit to the Escorts’ in London dominance and work with her equally hard so the submission has an enormous psychological and also physical meaning aka. pleasure and satisfaction. It may take a few sessions until the client begins to enjoy the slight pain and humiliation dealt by the London Escorts.
Let’s get to the goodies, what can you expect from the exclusive Escorts in London dominance menu? All the awesome stuff like getting beaten up by a woman, or multiple Escorts in London, chains, whips, roleplaying. Want me to go on? We even got this special London Escorts candle wax from candles of Mogadishu, rose petals and oriental spices, oh what a joy it is getting burned by hot candle wax dripping on your balls.

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