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Sex tourism in London

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When you’re planning your sex tourism in London, or any kind of tourism, there is usually one, very important aspect that everyone worries about- how to save money in one of the most expensive cities in the world? Even if London is a bit on the costly side, there are still ways to save your precious money on a variety of things. What’s the first thing you need to sort out when you’re traveling? Means of travel and a place to stay, duh! You can cross that one out using one of your favorite flight search engines for cheap transit and something as simple as Airbnb or for a lodging. At this point you’re good to go. You can save even more during your stay with our list of free museum entry days and other freebies and cheaper food options in London.
Once you’ve settled in on site- considering buying a traveler’s card- Oyster Card as they call it in the English capital, which will allow you to use any means of public transportation, like the tube, buses etc. It’s not only so much more convenient than buying everything separately, but also cheaper which is always a plus. You can order an Oyster Card online before you even embark on your journey, or on the spot. If you’re up to a more active means of transportation- London offers a wide range of bicycle rental services for as cheap as 2£ per hour, look around for Santander Cycles or Boris Bikes. It’s as easy as using paypass service with your credit card at one of their terminals scattered all over town. Frankly, I believe it’s a much better, not to mention healthier, way to go sightseeing in London, after all a bike can get to places that a bus cannot. Just don’t do any pub crawling while you’re on that rented bike, it never ends well. 
Forget about spending your hard-earned money on Uber or taxi’s when coming back to your hotel after a night out in town too, make use of your Oyster Card and take a night bus, or night tube that will take you pretty much everywhere in London without any additional costs, well apart from that Oyster Card but we got that covered, don’t we? The bus runs all week but keep in mind that the night tub operates exclusively on the weekends. It’s always a good way to get into the local culture, really feel the community and variety of people that live in this beautiful place, it’s also a great idea if you’re suffering from a tooth ache and need it knocked out, I mean removed.
Most of the well-known museums in London are free to visit, some only on particular days, others all week so even this might not cost you a single penny, see how London is a very tourist-friendly city? Keep in mind that those spots can be pretty crowded so I’d recommend visiting them either really early in the morning, or late afternoons/evenings. Museums in London are really worth checking out, housing tons of interesting exhibitions. Best known ones include: The National Gallery, The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum and many others. Plan your trip in January or February, there’s an event called Get Into London Theater, when you can visit most of the attractions available to tourists for a collective ticket that costs only 10£, keep in mind that most places in London are kids-friendly so you don’t have to worry about additional costs when going out with your offspring. 
If you’re thinking about taking a look at London from a higher perspective, admire the landmarks from high above you might consider buying a ticket for the Shard or the London Eye, the world-famous ferris wheel and one of the most iconic symbols of the English capital. It’s true that tickets for those two can be a bit on the pricey side but it’s worth it, you could save a pound or two by booking tickets in advance, you can easily do that online. There are also other worthwhile vistas in London, including the Sky Garden, which you have to pay to access, St. Paul’s Cathedral and my personal favorite- the Primrose Hill which is an awesome spot to jog, the highest hill in London and the best part- it’s free, you can just pack your picnic basket and embark on a fantastic journey with stunning views.

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