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The Very Naughty Sara

The Very Naughty Sara girl photo
Every now and again, we like to tell you about our escorts and some of the adventures that they have. Sara is one of the naughtiest girls that we have in our gallery simply because she loves men – and perhaps a little too much. She has one of the biggest collections of lingerie that we have ever seen – and we have seen quite a few collections.

Whenever she goes out, she insists on having matching bras and panties. She has admitted on more than one occasion that she has lost either the top or bottom because she is quick to discard them. Since she has to have matching ones, she ends up tossing the other one out and then going shopping for even more lingerie.

Her lingerie isn’t usually the simple bra and panties, either. She has a collection of bustiers, crotchless panties, corsets, garters, and even coloured fishnets. When she goes out in her lingerie, you can usually catch a glimpse of what colour she is wearing because she makes sure that at least a hint of it is showing – and that’s just more proof of how naughty she can be.

One of her favourite colours is red and that matches her personality perfectly. We have had multiple clients call and thank us profusely for setting them up with Sara because they were able to glimpse upon some of the lingerie for themselves. Sometimes she forgets who she is with and begins stripping it off – and that has led to a whole other set of adventures that we probably shouldn’t discuss here.

When we asked her about her lingerie, she told us, “I really like the way it feels. Some of the silk and satin can really rub on me the right way. The lace is great, too, because it allows my skin to breathe. That’s why I love wearing crotchless panties. Plus I love to see the look on a man’s face when he realizes that he can see all of me when I strike a certain pose. It’s one of the hottest things in the world to me when a man catches glimpse of some of my most intimate areas.”

We’re not surprised to find that Sara has quite a collection of clients She stays booked several weeks in advance through most months because clients can’t get enough of her and her naughty ways. Plus, they never know what kind of lingerie she is going to wear, what colour it will be, and how much of it they will get to see.

Many of our London girls love to wear lingerie and many go to Sara for pointers on what is going to drive the men crazy. We can only imagine what the lingerie shops have to say when three or four of our beautiful London escorts show up to begin shopping for lingerie together. It has to be one of the biggest fantasies that we hear about – and seeing how the girls flirt with each other while they are in the lingerie store can be a huge turn on.

When you want to have your fantasies turned into a reality or you simply want to see a good-looking girl like Sara in some naughty lingerie, we can make it happen when you call us. You may decide that you cannot get enough and end up on our regular client list like so many others that are simply elated by the lingerie choices that our girls make on a regular basis – all for the purpose of turning men on and watching their faces. Evil women…every last one of them!

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