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Vanessa’s Special Evening

Vanessa’s Special Evening girl photo
From time to time we hear some incredible stories from our female escorts in Paddington, and this is by no means an exception. Meet one of our very own professional female escorts Vanessa, who has documented this very special evening with one of our clients.

I have been in the female escort London business for some time now, and there is no doubting that I have had my fair share of weird and wonderful experiences. However, this one by far exceeds any of my previous experiences and overall even I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the events of this particular evening.

It started like any other night. I got ready with my clients favourite type of clothing, which consisted of a short skirt, a red laced bra and of course my treasured pair of slightly see through panties that are simply a must have. I arrived at the arranged destination slightly earlier than expected, but that didn’t matter as such as he was already there waiting for me. You could tell from his initial stature that this was most likely his first time, and whilst he wasn't intimidated per-say he certainly felt some apprehension as to how the evening would pan out.

He drove me to his apartment that was reasonably sized for just one guy, and we began to talk about some light topics as we made our way up the stairs. I could tell that this was a genuinely nice guy, who apart from being a little shy was just another person was looking for a good way to spend their Saturday night But once we entered the bedroom… Everything changed instantaneously…

He sprawled me across the bed in total covetousness and his incredible burst of confidence made him seem like a completely new man. He knew exactly what he was doing and held me with such lustrous passion, that I felt completely blown away by his very touch. It goes without saying that this man has taken the lead spot for me when it comes to surprises, and it goes without saying that we both had a very good night together

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