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Victoria Talks About Her Dream Man

Victoria Talks About Her Dream Man girl photo
Victoria has been one of our top escorts in London for a few years now and the men go crazy for her. She’s been single (not because she hasn’t had offer) the entire time she’s been with us, so we decided to ask her about what her dream man is. In this business, we always hear about what men want in a woman and some of her answers surprised us.

“I don’t care much about looks. I care about what a man looks like on the inside.” This beauty goes on to talk about how she wants a man that is going to take good care of her and will always put her first. She says that she has met several clients who have done this and she has fallen head over heels for them, which often gets her into some trouble.

“There’s something about a man who knows how to take charge of a situation. It’s one of the sexiest qualities that there is in a man. I still remember this one man who called the escort London company and asked for me by name because he had seen my pictures. From the moment I met him, he was in control and knew what he wanted – and I was so smitten with him.”

Victoria recounts, “After taking me to a fancy restaurant nearby, he led me by the hand and into his bedroom. He had romantic music playing and slowly stripped off every inch of my clothing, all the while whispering what he was going to do to me.” It was the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me and that’s the kind of guy that I would run away with and marry.”

Victoria loves what she does, but she does dream about settling down with a kind man one day. “I want a man that is good with kids. I can definitely see myself being a mom one day and my dream man will want two or three little kids running around.”

When you call us, you will get to select your dream London girl from the gallery that we have provided. You may decide to choose a girl based on name, looks, or bio. It doesn’t matter how you choose as long as you are happy with her. You can then do anything and everything with her as long as she is interested. This makes for a fun evening, weekend, or any other time that you have an escort in your company.

You never know – the next escort that you go out with could think of you as her dream man. Be charming, be yourself and see what happens. No matter what, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

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