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Visiting London itself

Visiting London itself girl photo
London is a very tempting city to visit, with lots of sights to witness and experiences to experience, but it can be a bit costly to stay, while cities in a close vicinity of the capital are no less interesting while being and absolute bargain to stay in, compared to the capital. Many people are hesitant when it comes to visiting London itself, after all the city is infamous for ridiculous prices of living in it, let alone visiting for a few days. Everyone wants to see the London Eye, numerous museums and exhibitions, sports, hell even their favorite football club stadium, but only few can afford it. Even shopping is in a league of its own, British tailors are amongst the worlds’ elite but it comes with a price, huge one at that. How about picking a place to stay that is close to London, but not that crowded and most importantly- not that pricey? People seem to forget that England is so much more than just the capital, older and much more interesting spots await discovery. Most are close enough to allow a short ride to the capital if you feel so inclined, but you should be sufficiently occupied with wonders of the province.
All the small towns and villages I’m about to point out are brimming with ancient architecture and interesting things to see and experience, for a margin of what it would all cost in London itself, they’re also not as crowded and very pleasant to stay in, with delicious food and affordable accommodation. Make Oxford or Cambridge your base of operations and you’re set for the best time you could possibly have in England, both are pretty close to London where you can travel by bus or train in a moments’ notice to satisfy your shopping needs, tickets are cheap, even cheaper when bought in advance. You could draw a 60mile radius from the middle of London and highlight city names the ring a bell and you’ll still be within London’s suburban transportation range, trains, bus, even the tube in some cases. The Oyster Card, a London travel card which covers them all, usually also applies to the surrounding cities. Two of the most visited cities in England, apart from London are Oxford and Cambridge, both known for their world-class universities and impressive infrastructure towards tourism. Both are also tremendously posh and so very English in their core. It’s all silly accents and teabags. Cambridge, for instance, is literally an hour and a half drive away from London and is the oldest university in the world, situated in a practically untouched medieval town. Setting off from Cambridge has also other numerous advantages, like being close by England’s stunning countryside with sights like the beautiful cathedral in Ely, charming town of Newmarket or cycling in East Anglia, King’s Lynn and the seaside are also just an hours drive away, and all worth checking out. You can get to Cambridge from Kings Cross station in London, it takes about an hour by train.

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