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Weather in London is shitty

Weather in London is shitty girl photo
Weather in London is shitty, truth be told, the weather in England is also shitty, so why do people so eagerly visit this seemingly unwelcoming place on earth, why is London one of the most visited place on the entire earth? Because it’s worth it, even in the shitty weather, even if catching a tan is close to impossible- London is just THAT good of a destination to see, London is an experience. So, what is there to do out there when it’s raining and it’s just so unpleasant outside that you’d rather stay in, covered in your favorite blanket, that you travel with, for some creepy reason? 
First thing that comes to mind on shitty weather is that London has a huge number of historical exhibitions, museums and such. Oftentimes completely free of charge, you can visit with your whole family when it’s pouring, or when you’re so extremely bored that you feel like watching an exhibition in a museum.
There was sort of a boom of escape rooms, horror rooms and such, you know what I mean? You pay someone to lock you up in a room and you get a set of clues as of how to get out of it- “Saw” style, apart from the dying if you fail part. Horror rooms are the same thing with the added element of dread, it’s cool, it’s nice. See, these are the places I’d go visit with my family in London, when the weather is shitty. These kinds of places are usually open 24/7, or at the very least till late night, so you can get your adrenaline fix at any time of day and night! Ideal place to have your fun and get drunk afterwards. 
Another pretty obvious example of wasting your time when it’s pouring outside is the good, old-fashioned cinema, there’s nothing better than a huge bowl of popcorn and a movie when the weather is shit. There are multiplex cinemas around every corner nowadays, there’s no shopping centre without a multiplex, so finding one shouldn’t be an issue, the tickets are moderately cheap, kids usually get a discount if not a completely free entry, depending on the size of the kid. If you’re a fan of those classic, small cinemas, you’re in for a treat! London is littered with those and if you can deal with a characteristic old cinema stench, you’re good to go. There are those huge screen IMAX thingies out there too, but those don’t screen just about anything, they got a special selection of flicks.
For the length of time that it's not very pleasant outside- it can be an ideal time to take a voyage along The Thames while it's rainy. You can take a journey from Bateaux London (with their supper and evening tea options) or on the Silver Sturgeon. Both offer daytime and nighttime choices. 
London does have a portion of the best shopping areas on the earth so why wouldn’t you go out and buy yourself a few things when the weather is not so great? If you need to remain in one area consider one of the huge shopping centers, for example, Harrods or even one of the two Westfield shopping centers. Oxford Street is long and is fixed with 'High Street' shops and numerous branches. 
The famous London Eye is also a cool place to visit when it’s raining, the ride is so much fun, the view is stunning and the carts are warm and cozy inside, you could even smuggle a bottle or two in if you’re crafty enough for an even more enhanced ride. Bring a camera.
Eating can be what's required when it's pouring so go for fish sticks and french fries or some other British food. Every weather is good weather for tea and something sweet in London. In case you're searching for something more easygoing at that point have a half quart of genuine brew and a not too bad pub pie. 
You could take the famous London bus, ride around town, do some sightseeing, make sure you pick the right line, one that offers more of a scenic route. To benefit as much as possible from a stormy transport travel you have to head upstairs and snatch the seats at the front which never stops to convey kid like happiness to all who get that position.  
You can hit the gym, or one of the indoor tennis courts, Bounce London for example- is the exact spot where ping pong was invented in 1901, there’s also a bowling alley if you feel like it. But who wants to play sports when the weather is bad? I know I don’t.

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